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Boutquie and Custom Home Construction plumbing

If you are building a custom or boutique home, then you need a plumbing system that is designed to suit your new home perfectly. One of the biggest drawcards to a custom or boutique home is that your imagination is the only limit and Wilmac Plumbing can help design and install some amazing feature items.

  • Plumbing planning and design advice
  • Excavation
  • Running pipework
  • Back flow prevention and testing
  • Drainage
  • Below-ground sewer and stormwater installation
  • Gas fitting and installation
  • Outdoor water points, including rain water tanks
  • Internal fixtures for:
    • Bathrooms, including toilet suites, baths, showers, bidets and basins
    • Indoor and outdoor kitchens, including sinks, taps and mixers, dishwashers, water filters and garbage disposal units, and
    • Laundries, including sinks, washing machines and grey water systems.

We’ve delivered single builds through to townhouse and large-scale developments.

So whether you’re building in a new housing estate or on an independent block, you can benefit from our expertise and a proactive partnership.