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Gutter Guards

Gutter guards is one of the best investments you can make for your home

Don’t Risk Your Life

Everyone knows that cleaning their gutters is a tedious and often dangerous job. Thousands of Australians each year are hospitalized or killed while climbing ladders when attempting to maintain their gutters or home. Contact a professional to install gutter protection and you will never have to climb a ladder again.

Protect Your Home From Fire.

In recent years, we have all been touched by the tragic bushfires throughout various parts of Australia, some of them on our own backdoor.

Gutter screening prevents the build-up of leaves and other debris in your gutters, reducing the risk of embers starting a fire by falling into the leaves on your roof. Ember attack is one of the main sources of house burning down in a bushfire.

Our range of aluminum screening products is designed to completely shield the gutters to prevent the build-up of potential fuel for embers to ignite. Our screens have been used on fire refuges and fire stations.

Enjoy Clean Tank Water!

Our gutter screening system keeps gutters free from the build-up of leaves and other material which can breakdown in your gutters and produce toxins such as tannin, potentially contaminating water in your tanks.

If you rely on the water in your tanks to be clean and fresh, you can be assured our food safe gutter screening materials will provide non tainted water over the expanse of your rain catchment area (roof).


Wilmac Plumbing has recognized that a small percentage of installations will require maintenance even after gutter protection has been installed. Flat roofs and large trees close to premises can cause a build-up that may need to be cleared periodically.

This is not common however Wilmac Plumbing can provide this service to you to make sure you gain the full potential of your gutter protection system and to prevent you endangering yourself by climbing on the roof.

On the few occasions when gutter protection is not the best option we can provide a cleaning service through our highly trained installation team. Call for a quote.