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Burst Pipes

As our plumbing starts to age, the chances of experiencing a burst pipe also increase which could leave your garden flooded, or worse your home.

Burst pipes while on the surface might not seem like a large issue, but even the smallest leak can result in larger costly issues. As water continues to exit the burst, broken or cracked pipe, it will pool in the surrounding areas. If this water is pooling close to the house it can affect the foundation.

If the burst pipe is indoors, then water can easily start to damage your flooring, subfloor, walls, cabinets and anything it comes in contact with.

Wilmac Plumbing has all the correct tools to locate burst pipes including Listening devices, Gas tracings units and thermal imaging cameras to help find burst pipes if they are not viable.

Common Causes

Moving Pipes

Pipes that have been incorrectly installed are more likely to burst. If you repeatedly hear clunking coming from your walls, it’s an indication that your plumbing is not properly secured. This constant movement weakens the joints until they break. ​

Water Pressure

High water pressure damages pipes. After a while, the constant stress weakens their walls and joints. Eventually, this will lead to a breakage. One way to assess this is to check your water pressure if you suspect that it’s too high. ​

At Wilmac Plumbing we conduct a thorough examination of your pipes and  discovering the cause of the problem, we can provide you with comprehensive report that might highlight the cause or potential for further issues